This is a blog about not being able to write blogs.


Dear Readers,

I have nothing to say. I’ve been writing cover letters, freelance proposals, and editing resumes for the past few weeks. So, I come here to unwind and maybe write something that doesn’t involve years of experience or proposed cost for writing projects.

I come here to let my soul out of the cage for a bit, let it run around in the yard, before chasing it back inside for the night. I turn on my computer, having no intention for any sort of subject or point of contention, and stare into the beckoning void of an empty post field. And I have nothing to say.

I open tabs, click on Facebook, and let my mind wander. I refuse to start a game of Candy Crush. I click links, I look at my bookmark list, wondering why there isn’t anything the least bit amusing for a brain dead, blocked writer. I settle on something at random and browse. And I still have nothing to write about.

So maybe this is my topic? Should I write about not having anything to write about? Sure. It will be a short post, I guess, but it might get me some views. I promise I will write more soon, when I have had a chance to research modern feminism or find some rando- piece of news that sparks some surge of extreme emotion or make some cultural connection to a bygone era.

And this is where I invite you, dear readers, to write about nothing, or paint about nothing. Stare into the void and see what comes out.

This is all so terribly meta…I need a drink.


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