How to Get Your Organization Noticed Online

Sometimes it seems like small businesses and nonprofits have to work extra hard to drive traffic to their sites and social media channels. Budgetary restraints can often make investing in digital marketing prohibitive, not to mention what institutional change could mean for more conservative factions within your organization. Hell, sometimes it’s simply a matter of not knowing HOW to market your business online. Here are three industry-proven strategies to get your organization noticed online:

3 Strategies to Get Your Organization Noticed Online

Google “digital marketing strategies” and you’re sure to come up with a myriad of possibilities, ranging from the simple and affordable to the financially prohibitive and complex. Navigating the waters of what to do, who to target, and when may seem daunting and neigh-insurmountable, but there are a few, proven tactics every small business, nonprofit, and political action campaign can engage in TODAY with very little investment.

Here are some of my favorites:

Content Marketing

Your organization has a mission and a message, why not share it? Creating content is a low-cost relatively easy way to start a conversation with the internet and communicate with your pre-existing followers. According to this post from the Search Engine Journal, Shutterstock was able to garner over 10,000 total engagements during the first four months of 2020 with one infographic. FOR FREE.

Content can also create an avenue to attract, engage, and activate potential supporters, clients, and donors. Look at these two posts from, the only library-focused political action committee in the United States:

While each one varies in tone an purpose (one is about a piece of trivia, another is a call to sign a petition, and the last is an educational article), each provide a funnel for followers to move up the ladder of engagement by including an opportunity to donate, subscribe, and sign a petition. Once the organization receives a lead from this content, it can then pursue it directly.

In short, content, whether graphics, video, or text, can help your organization track down leads organically while simultaneously communicating and supporting your stated mission and purpose.

Social Media

According to this Pew Research Center report, roughly 7 out of 10 US adults are active users of one or more social media platforms. While recent controversies have altered our perceptions of social media as an information tool, more people than ever use social media for news and information.

What does this mean for you? A robust social media strategy should be a part of your marketing plan. Social media gives your organization the chance to engage directly with your chosen audience, through organic content as well as direct ads for special events, promotions, or services. Good social media posts should start a conversation and a great social media strategy should always keep the conversation going in the comments.

This article from the Forbes Communication Council details a myriad of companies and brands that get social media right. Whether they’re sports teams, retailers, or global organizations, they use the principles of content marketing (a healthy blend of trivia, fun, and information) to increase their brand awareness across social media platforms.

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Sometimes, the key to getting noticed online is making sure your brand is recognizable in the sea of competitors. In fact, when stacked up against usual SEO practices, a comprehensive brand strategy is more effective at generating organic leads. In the face of rising information overload and an excess of companies and organizations vying for attention, it’s brand awareness that increases the likelihood that someone will click on your page.

“But Kristen,” you say. “I already have a logo! What more do I need in the way of branding?” To which I respond: branding is any number of strategies that creates an overall customer experience that increases your recognizability. Factors such as customer/client experience, knowing your target audience, and collecting positive reviews and testimonials are all vital parts of a strategy that prioritizes consumer perception over general company appearance and results in more organic leads than a logo.

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Written Content

As a professional writer and editor, I can provide the type of SEO-driven content that will get you noticed by your target audience. And, as a librarian, you know that my content will be factual, informative, and entertaining, using academic-quality research and engaging copy that will excite your target audience.

Click here to see examples of content that I’ve written for everything from art organizations, nonprofits, universities, and political action committees.

Graphic Design

As a graphic artist and illustrator, I like to combine traditional design concepts with modern trends to create powerful social media posts, informative graphics, and engaging marketing materials. I use the most up-to-date software available and NEVER rely on a template to do the work for me!

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