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As a child of a prominent local artist and instructor, I spent a majority of my adolescence and young adulthood in the arts community, and if there’s one complaint I hear from a majority of professional artists, it’s how abhorrent the concept of marketing is for individuals who would much rather spend their time crafting and perfecting their art.

With a wealth of knowledge in art history and the humanities, I can offer expertly researched and crafted content and digital marketing for your upcoming sales, exhibits, shows, or events. Agonizing over blog posts? I can help with that, too. Just tell me what you’re working on, answer a few questions, and I’ll put together a brief, informative piece of writing that will appeal to your followers and may lead to sales!

Are you an arts organization or publication that needs special coverage of an arts and culture-related event or topic? I have over 2 years of experience crafting pieces for the Associated Artists of the Inland Empire monthly membership newsletter, which I also edit, design, and publish. Browse past editions here.