Hello, I’m Kristen…

…and I love telling stories

As a born autodidact and communication addict, I have spent years and years teaching myself about the world around me with any piece of writing I can get my hands on. I have over five years of experience as an educator with a Master of Arts in Education and a teaching credential in English language arts from the State of California. As a graduate student, I specialized in literacy development and as an educator, have taught hoards of students how to shut up and read. I also hold a Master of Library and Information Science degree and am slowly but surely working toward that coveted full-time librarian position. In the meantime (and forever), I’m writing stories and drawing pictures. I love the concept of books as art and aim to create a body of work that is both intellectually intriguing and visually stimulating.


Also–I love coffee. Seriously–if food scientists discovered how to turn the stuff into meal replacements, I’d stop eating to make room for more of the beanie, brown, caffeinated good stuff. There was even a moment in history where I completed odd jobs for friends and family members in exchange for trips to the Coffee Bean…don’t get any wild ideas.

But enough about me, what can I do for you?


These days, I’ve been supplementing my meager academic’s income with the two major skills I’ve honed for the last 31 (going on 32) years: writing and making art. On the local level, I’ve written content almost exclusively for artists and art societies as a freelance writer and graphic designer for years, while sitting on the wealth of subject matter expertise in education, literacy, and culture that extends beyond the realm of artist statements and flyer copy. This is where you come in!

It is a proven fact that businesses and organizations who post content on their sites consistently and share it via social media are more likely to attract new business! Let me help you with that! My excellent verbal skills paired with an almost extreme adherence to the grammatically correct (I know the rules and know how to break them) and a decade of subject matter competency will deliver killer content that will result in more clicks, views, and–ultimately–more business!


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